Meet Catherine, the Herb Lover!

 Here's a bit about myself and what brought me to writing about herbs, my favorite green plants.
First of all, my grandfather was a farmer, and some of my fondest memories are of wandering about the farm gathering eggs, playing with the barn kitties, watching my cousin fall into the pigpen … Yes, it really was funny, especially since she should have listened to me and not sat on the fence!  I think I somehow got the blame for that one (I got the blame for lots of things), but that time it wasn’t my fault … really it wasn’t.
My grandparents grew a huge garden at their home in town, and I spent lots of time helping Grandma in the garden.  I also spent plenty of time shelling peas, snapping beans, and shucking corn. So, I suppose you could say farming is in my blood.  Sadly, the only herb I remember anyone in my family growing was dill for the many jars of pickles that were canned each summer.

As for my love of herbs, shortly after I graduated from high school, I moved away from my hometown to a nearby city to escape small-town life.  While living in a tiny apartment I discovered little pots of herbs for sale at the grocery store.  I fell in love immediately with those little green things that looked beautiful, smelled divine, and even tasted good.  Soon, my tiny balcony was filled with containers of herbs, flowers, and even a few vegetables.   In those early years of learning about herbs and gardening, I am certain I bought more plants than I did food or other necessities.
It wasn’t long before I began reading everything I could find on herbs and gardening, buying every new plant I could find at the local nurseries, and then seeking out herb farms and little herb shops within driving distance from my home.  My days off at the veterinary clinic were spent herb hunting!  I also began learning all I could about herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and natural healing.
When my husband and I got married, we spent part of our honeymoon planting our first garden.  In those days (before children), we came home from work and went immediately into the garden, or off on a journey searching for new herbs to grow.
Since those early days of herbal discovery, I’ve grown and used herbs everywhere I’ve lived.  My husband and I have moved several times over the past 20+ years, and have planted gardens everywhere possible.  When we spent a year in an apartment complex, I put everything I could into containers and grew a tiny garden on the porch outside our front door.  My family grew a large suburban community garden with friends several years ago. I've gardened in a small plot in an urban community garden, and at one time I had lots of space, but hardly any soil, so my herbs were planted in raised beds and containers.
 I still dream of having a homestead filled with lush beds of herbs, vegetables, and fruit;  but I made the decision years ago to bloom where I’m planted until that day comes. So for now, that means I am doing the work to clean up neglected flower beds around the home we are currently renting, and growing herbs in containers until a garden spot is created.

On this blog I (mostly) focus on ideas for creating bath and body care items with herbs, using herbs in the home for cleaning and other home keeping tasks, cooking with herbs, aromatherapy, simple herbal recipes and remedies, and of course gardening with herbs.

I’d love to know what types of herbal things you are interested in reading about, so don’t be shy- send me an email or post a comment! 

Herbal Blessings,