Stillroom Snippets ~ Summer

Summer temperatures have arrived. We enjoyed an extended period of strangely cool and rainy days, but that’s all behind us for the foreseeable future. 

Cool herbal drinks are a daily thing here at the stillroom. Mints are a staple thanks to their cooling and refreshing taste. 

The mint family is quite large, with about 6,000 different species. A common wildflower in my part of the country is bee balm, also called horsemint. While it’s not the tastiest of mints in my opinion, it does make a nice addition to the sun tea jar when blended with other mints and herbs. 


I grow a variety of mints in containers- apple mint (shown below), spearmint, and peppermint are my favorites. 

Some days I simply gather a few mint leaves and toss a handful of frozen berries into my water jar rather than brewing tea. It’s super fast, tasty, and pretty to look at. 

What’s your favorite mint or herb for summer sipping? 

Hope your summer is filled with beautiful blessings and lots of herbal treats!

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