Around Here ~ Update from the Stillroom

Hello there. It's been a long while since I posted an update on the blog. As the photos in this post show, spring has arrived at the stillroom. I wandered around this morning in bare feet and snapped some photos of what's growing around here.
It's been an odd 'season' of life here. My family moved twice in 2019.  The first move came mid-summer when even thinking of moving established herb gardens would be madness. So, I gathered up my container-grown plants and counted the rest as a gift to whatever unfortunate soul finds our former home their dwelling place. After the 2nd move, which came 60 days after the first, I was in no mood or financial situation for creating a garden. The potted herbs went into sheltered spaces around our new home and surprisingly fared very well all fall and winter long with nothing more than a very occasional drink from the water hose. They say that herbs are very hardy, and I have to agree. This is the first spring that I can honestly say all my herbs are still alive without me pampering or tending to them pretty much at all.

The photo above shows a few of my herb pots along with a very determined Hackberry tree and a Pomegranate seedling both growing in a crack in the sidewalk. This sheltered space between the house and what will someday be cleaned out and become the potting shed gets just enough sunlight to keep the herbs happy and protects them pretty much on all sides from wind and extreme temperatures. I have plans to add a little patio table and a chair or two in this space for myself. It's the most private spot on our property now that we are city dwellers.

In light of the current state of affairs, with this whole COVID-19 outbreak, I've been stocking the stillroom with a few things. I made Fire Cider for the first time. I filled jars with herbs and vodka for tinctures. I'm making nettle and rosehip infusions on most days. Just doing the simple things I know to do without a lot of fuss or craziness. There's enough of that lately.

I am going to leave you with a few links to things that might be helpful to you:

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The last link is an affiliate link, so if you should sign up for one of the courses from that link, I will receive a commission from the Herbal Academy. This means nothing for you, but perhaps will allow me to buy a few new herbs for the stillroom garden!

Herbal Blessings friends.
Stay well and if at all possible, stay home and tend your herbs until this all goes away.


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