Joy in a Garden Cart

This brings me joy- a cart loaded with herbs, perennials, and other assorted green and growing treasures! Simple, herbal things bring me much delight.
And when you are a family of plant lovers, everyone has to get at least something at the plant nursery.  So there are herbs, tomatoes, and poppies for me, a natal plum for my husband, succulents for the middle love child, a 'glittery' ice plant for the littlest love (who at almost 16 is hardly little anymore), and a gift plant for a friend. All of these came from one of my favorite plant nurseries- Barton Springs Nursery. If you are ever in the Austin, TX area, you won't want to miss it! They have a great variety of herbs and plants of all kinds, pottery, seeds, gift items ... all the things an herb lover enjoys. 
 What is your favorite herb and plant nursery? Please share because I visit as many as I can wherever I go!
What are you buying for the garden these days?

Spring will be here soon!

Herbal Blessings,


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