Anticipating Spring in the Herb Garden

'Not Quite Spring' is a tough time for me.  Texas weather is unpredictable and one day it will be 70 degrees, with a dip down close to freezing, then right back up to 70's (or 80's!) again.  It is oh so tempting to get ahead of the season and plant tender herbs and things too soon which will mean scrambling to cover plants and praying they survive the last 'winter storm' that sometimes comes as late as April (we had snow on Easter one year).  

This year is even tougher because I have a brand new raised bed garden that sat mostly empty all winter long!  It was a gift to me from a very loving, generous friend who shares my love of gardening.  But, with busy schedules and rainy weather, it took longer to get built and ready for planting than we both expected, so no fall planting this year.  She did transplant some of the herbs from the old garden into the new beds- marjoram, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, oregano.

New to me sage labelled Israeli Sage at the garden center.

Violas are my favorite cold weather flower- they bloom until it gets really warm here.

Oregano that is in need of some trimming up.

I planted the first cool weather greens a few weeks ago and am anxiously awaiting their sprouting.
I also tucked in some hardy herbs that can withstand the fluctuating temps.- 
sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme, lavender, bee balm ... and I have a whole list of herbs to transplant and purchase to fill the remaining spots as soon as it is safe to do so.  

I check this list for a monthly to-do guideline for my area.  
This Growing Guide:Herbs from Old Farmer's Almanac is a good source for finding when to plant according to your frost dates. 
 If you aren't sure about those, you can find that info. here.
The first day of Spring is only 3 weeks away!  Time to get planning and planting if you aren't already doing those things!

What's happening in your herb garden these days? 
Any new to you herbs? I have a list, which I'll share soon!
What is blooming where you are?  Wildflowers are just beginning their annual appearance here.  I've also seen a few narcissus and of course dandelions are in abundance right now.

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