Winter Favorite ~ Heart's Ease Herb

These are my favorite winter flowers.  Violas, viola tricolor, also known in the herbal world as Heart's Ease or sometimes by another common name- I've seen them called Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up, and Wild Pansy to name a few, are delightful.

They grow and bloom all winter in my area, often reseeding in the herb garden and out in the yard.
The flowers make lovely decorations for baked goods, a bright addition to the salad bowl, and when pressed and dried are beautiful added to a handmade card or bookmark or some other creation.

They have quite a reputation as a herbal healer as well.  If you'd like to read more about their medicinal uses, here's a link to a wealth of information at  Just the cheerful look of their flowers is enough to earn them the name Heart's Ease in my book!

Do you have a favorite herb that thrives in your area in the winter?

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