Still Room Essentials ~ Lavender

I love lavender.  It has become one of my favorite herbs.  It is beautiful, fragrant, and oh so helpful to the herbalist.  It is iffy in growth in my area, and I never have enough blossoms for all the things I want to make with lavender so I purchase it dried in bulk.

Lavender essential oil is definitely essential to my still room.  I find myself reaching frequently for the bottle of lavender essential oil.

I use it almost daily-

  • in the diffuser to freshen the air
  • for soothing a headache or stress
  • to stop the itch of an insect bite
  • in the bath
  • in lotions and other diy bath and beauty concoctions

I carry a bottle in my bag whenever I leave home.  You never know when lavender essential oil may be just the thing you need!  
The Herbal Academy has a very interesting article on their blog highlighting my most-used essential oil-

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How do you use lavender essential oil?



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