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I wrote about returning to my herbal roots not too long ago in an article for The Essential Herbal magazine.  Sometimes I wander away from what I know is good and healthy, choosing what is quick and convenient instead; then one day I look around and find I'm not living the life I want to live and not feeling as well as I could.
That's when I know I need a return to my roots.

I've done just that in several ways recently:

  • Rereading those herbal books that gave me my start on the path of herbalism.
  • Reconnecting with the plants themselves.  Tending the garden, noticing what wild herbs are growing around me.
  • Adding herbal teas and tonics back in to my daily routine, not just when I need their medicine, but as a daily practice.
  • Adding to my essential oil cabinet and practicing the art of aromatherapy.
  • Planning to expand the herb garden.  A wish list of plants and seeds is growing quickly!
  • Making a list of herbal gifts to create for the upcoming holidays.
... along with a few other things that I'm not quite ready to share just yet ;) .

How about you?  

Do you sometimes need to return to your roots?  

What helps you accomplish this?

What is one practice you are focusing on this season?

I ask all these questions because I really am interested in learning how others live the herbal life, please share your story, tips, recipes, ideas... whatever!



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