June at the Still Room

The view from my back door- the plant table, overloaded with newly purchased herbs in 4" pots awaiting  new homes in containers or yet-to-be-built raised beds:
3 varieties of echinacea

It seems that spring fever hit later than usual this year.  I pretty much ignored the thought of new herbs or gardens until a week or two ago.  But then my daughter mentioned a medicinal herb garden for herself and that's all it took.  Off to Austin we went and collected everything on her list that we could find.  Now we're trying to wait patiently for her dad to help us with raised beds.  If it doesn't happen soon we will have to baby the plants through the summer in containers and plant them in the fall.  Summer is not a good time for planting here.  Too much heat for newly planted herbs to tolerate.
There are also some hummingbird flowers I couldn't resist at the garden center on the table-
Mexican honeysuckle and two others whose names escape me at present.

And then there's the hoodia that is very happy, yet lanky and unwieldy to deal with (I think that is the correct name for the plant at the front right.  It was a gift and when I researched it online that's what I came up with.  Let me know if you think otherwise.).

 Also on the table are a patchouli that survived our mild winter, scented geraniums, medicinal aloe, and a pair of socks left by one of my daughters.
Underneath the table we have a stray terracotta pot, an empty aquarium, an overturned watering can, and a dog toy.  Lovely.

I applaud those of you who manage neat and tidy gardens and porches.  Controlled chaos is the best I can manage.  And sometimes the chaos gets totally out of control.  But it's okay.  As long as the herbs and family are happy, life is good.

So, planting and some much needed pruning are on my list for June at the Still Room.

What's new in your garden these days?
Are you growing a new herb or variety of herb?
What tasks are on your to do list these days?

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