Simple Container Herb Garden

Herbs are great in container gardens.  They are content in most pots or planters provided they get the proper amount of water and sunlight.  

In the photo above I planted 4" pots of:
  • lemon verbena
  • stevia
  • pineapple sage  

I like to toss these 3 herbs into a 2 quart jar along with sliced lemons to make a refreshing herb-infused drink for warm weather.  Other herbs or even black or green tea can be added.  I experiment with whatever is growing most abundantly at the time.  The possibilities are almost endless!

Lemon verbena, stevia, and pineapple sage are tender perennials in my area.  They thrive during spring and summer with early morning sun and a daily dousing with the watering can.  In less extreme climates, they will do well with more sun and less frequent watering.  

These herbs will all need protection from freezing come winter, and this old galvanized bucket is easy to carry inside when frost and freezing temps threaten.  

What's growing in your herb garden these days?

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