Wishing on a Winter's Day

It's windy and wild outside today, and I am indoors wishing spring would come quickly.
Dandelion and chickweed are appearing in the yard, dill is growing with abandon, a fruit tree down the road is blossoming pink, and I saw the first daffodil blooming in the church garden yesterday; signs of spring abound.  Yet, I know winter is not quite finished with us here.  Cold weather is forecast for the weekend, and the last frost date won't arrive until the end of March, but one can wish for the all too brief warm days of spring when herbs and flowers and the spring vegetable garden are all vying for time and attention.

I think it is time for me to pull out the seed boxes and start a few pots of savory, chives, and nasturtiums on the windowsill.  Late winter is always a tough season here.  We have warm days and then a freeze, then a string of warm days followed by another cold snap.  I get weary of dragging pots in and out the back door, and start dreaming of a greenhouse to overwinter the citrus, bay, geraniums, and other tender herbs in.

Starting a few seeds is a nice diversion, as is sorting through the seed boxes and making a wish list of new things to try this year.  I am planning to grow savory for the first time.  I purchased seed for both summer and winter savory, after learning savory is the 2015 Herb of the Year. I will also be drawing out a new garden design as we are moving the garden from the front yard to the back and building raised beds.  I'm also thinking about an herb spiral or some sort of permaculture garden for herbs, maybe a keyhole garden. 

How are your herb gardens designed?  Do you have a formal herb garden, informal cottage garden, container garden, raised beds, or a mixture of some type? 
What projects or other things are you doing while you are waiting for spring?
What new to you herb are you going to grow this year?
What are you wishing for these days?



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