Simmering in the Still Room

a reminder of warmer days 

Oh my, it is cold outside!  Anytime it gets below 20 degrees in my part of the world it is frigid!
As of yet, no ice or sleet, no snow, just cold, bitter wind.  And truly, if we must endure this cold, some snow would at least be a diversion.  I'm planning one last trip to the store before the real cold and rain arrive, and then I'll be settling in for a few days.  I've forewarned the family- get what you need today, because the rest of the weekend we'll be HOME.  My only planned outing is on Sunday for church, and that only requires a quick dash across the lawn!

During my self-prescribed hibernation I plan to keep a pot of warming winter soup or stew simmering on the stove. A flavorful vegetarian bean and barley chili is ready for reheating today at lunch, and I have lentil curry, potato and kale soup, and my daughter's favorite Veggie Cheese soup all in mind for the weekend.  I probably won't make them all, but those are definite possibilities for the menu.  If you need inspiration for the soup pot, Gooseberry Patch has a great link up going now- What's Simmering on Your Stove.

And with soup, we want bread (though I am trying to reduce my consumption of gluten).  Muffins are quick and easy and can be flavored in countless ways- sweet or savory depending on what you are serving them with; and herbs liven up a plain muffin making it something deliciously different.  With the chili mentioned above I would serve a cornbread muffin with cheese and green chilies (or jalapenos for the heat lovers).  Potato  and kale soup is also nice paired with a cornbread muffin or a garlic cheese muffin, and the Veggie Cheese soup is delicious with either of these or my favorite, a wheat  flour muffin dressed up with dill, parsley, and chives. Curry wants naan, which I just may learn to make this weekend.

 And of course there will be endless cups of warm things to drink.  My new favorite herb tea is Tulsi (Holy Basil), though I will surely brew pots of warming chai, spicy hot chocolate made with soy milk, and an evening blend of chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm.

Ok, that's it for me today.  Your turn.
What are you cooking or brewing these days?
What are your favorite cold weather recipes?

Warm Winter Wishes,


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