Planning a New Year in the Still Room

On this cold, wintry, last day of 2014, I am ready to sit by the fire with a steaming mug of Tulsi tea and dream up some plans for 2015.  

2014 has been an off year for both the garden and the Still Room.  Other more urgent matters pulled me away from home and my much loved herbs far too often.  Not so next year.  One of my goals for 2015 is to focus on the things I love and feel called to do in this life, and herbs play a huge part in who I am and what I do.  So I will be intentional about scheduling time for gardening and creating in the Still Room when I chart my course for this next year.  

The vegetable and herb garden has been allowed to return to its former weedy lawn state.  But there are plans in the making for new raised beds and a greenhouse come spring! 
The herbs growing in beds along the back of the house are flourishing, both the rosemary and mugwort seem to be trying to take over their world, so we shall see what happens with those.  

I have seeds for the 2015 Herb of the Year (more about that soon!) and will be experimenting with growing this herb for the first time.  I also have a giveaway related to the Herb of the Year in the works for January, so stay tuned for that. 

What herbal projects are you planning or dreaming about for 2015?

More soon on my Still Room plans and projects  for 2015.  

Until then, I pray you have a Happy Herbal New Year!




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  1. Happy New Year, Catherine! May this year only be able to touch your dreams as you go by with more.


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