Christmas Crafting in the Still Room

*A repost from Christmas past, but timely and still true of what's going on around here!  
I do miss the still room in the photo above.  I now live in a different home, with a different place to store my herbs, but even without the pretty still room, herbs are always a big part of holidays and every day in my home.  
Happy Herbal Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas to you!

I love Christmas!
It is my favorite time of the year.
I love the decorating, the baking,
choosing gifts from the World Vision Catalog

And I enjoy creating homey, simple herbal gifts for those I love.
Gifts such as-
Herb Infused Honey
Bath Salts
Herb Infused Oils
Simmering Scents
and this
Vanilla Sugar Scrub

1 cup vanilla sugar made with white or brown sugar (see directions below)
1/2 cup sweet almond oil (or whatever oil you like)
a few drops of vanilla essential oil (optional)

Mix together and use as a body scrub to exfoliate and make your skin soft, smooth, and sweet smelling.

Vanilla Sugar
 Take a whole vanilla bean and place it in quart jar and then fill the jar with sugar. (I prefer organic cane sugar, but use whatever you have on hand.)
Let the sugar and vanilla bean sit for a few days and soon you will have a delicious vanilla sugar to put in your cup of tea, your favorite cake or cookies, or a deliciously scented sugar scrub.

I'll share more gifts from the Still Room in the coming days.

What gifts are you making this Christmas?
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  1. What a good idea - vanilla sugar in my tea. I have one beautiful vanilla bean left from when I made ice cream this summer. I'll be making vanilla sugar - thanks for the information.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Starletta!
      Merry Christmas!


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