October Rose

Few things are as lovely in my mind as October roses.  This beauty is blooming in the church courtyard garden.  Tiny, pink, Fairy roses are in bloom in my backyard as well as the Nearly Wild rose which blooms off and on all year round.

While I enjoy roses any time of the year, there is something special about them this season.  Perhaps it is the contrast of blooming roses and falling leaves.  One in bloom, one in decline.

I collect rose petals to dry and snip roses for floating in a teacup or tucking in a vase, savoring the scent and beauty of autumn roses.

Soon I'll be stirring up bath salts and tub tea for Christmas gifts ... some rose scented of course!

Do you have October roses in your part of the world?
How do you use roses in your home- for decorating, bath and beauty potions, in cookery?

Happy Weekend my friends!
Catherine Ann

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