Autumn Tea

Any season is the season for tea, but autumn breezes, falling leaves, and a steaming pot of tea seem to be made for each other.  I have my countertop tea basket filled with an assortment of tea bags- 
Irish Breakfast (my morning wake up brew)
Zen ( a lovely mix of green tea and mint)
Sweet Tangerine Energy (nice for the afternoon when I get a bit drowsy)
Women's Energy (seems I've needed an energy boost lately, hence 2 energy teas in the basket)
Chamomile & Lavender (a simple blend of two wonderfully relaxing herbs)
Ceylon (a gift from dear friends in Sri Lanka)
Tulsi Rose (my evening favorite these days)

And in the cabinet, there are quart jars filled with loose leaf teas for brewing with a tea sock, by the cup or by the pot-
Orange Spice (a favorite fall & winter brew)
Fairytale Tea (a sweet blend from Mountain Rose herbs)
Seasons of Discontent (for allergy ridden days)

A variety of teas, honey, soy milk, and my favorite cup- autumn tea time bliss!

What are your favorite teas for this time of year?
Do you mix your own tea blends?  I plan to play with that a bit in the coming days!

Herbal Blessings,



  1. I LOVE making my own tea blends, I'm big into medicinal teas. I have link in the sidebar of my blog to my recipes & I add them from time-to-time. My favorites are my "Breathe Deep~Sit By the Fire" tea: peppermint, eucalyptus, dried orange peel, cloves & chamomile. Another favorite is my Adrenal Recovery Tea: Holy basil, schisandra berries, licorice root, chamomile...& if I drink it before bed, I add cloves and dried orange peel. Lavender & chamomile is a favorite, too.
    Blessings from Ohio...

    1. I will check out your recipes, thanks! The Breathe Deep~Sit By the Fire tea sounds really nice.


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