12 Herbs for Hot Summer Days

It is HOT here, the thermometer is edging closer and closer to that dreaded 100 mark.  Now begins the season of hiding out indoors from lunchtime until the sun goes down in the evenings, and then it will still be uncomfortably warm.  I often slip out early in the day and gather snippings of herbs and flowers to brew up a nice herbal sun tea.

Some herbs wilt like I do in the summer heat, but there are hardy herbs that seem to enjoy the hot summer days (or at least not wither away if kept properly watered).

12 Heat Loving Herbs

lemon balm (requires afternoon shade)
lemon verbena
Mexican mint marigold
mint (if grown in a shady spot and kept well-watered)

All of the above do reasonably well in my heart of Texas (HOT!) summer garden.  They do require almost daily watering and a few demand afternoon shade to keep them from burning up in the summer sun.  A thick layer of mulch helps hold in moisture and keep the soil cooler, too.

What herb grow well in your summer herb garden?

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