Old Practices for a New Year

Returning to well-worn paths this season.
2014 is my year to EMBRACE life-
my life, not someone else's.
As I've pondered and prayed about what that means for me,
seeking what shimmers these days, herbalism has surfaced time and time again.
In small ways such as treating a cold with elderberry syrup, peppermint tea with ginger-infused honey and lemon; and an aromatherapy steam of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender essential oils.
A brief warm spell drew me out to the garden where I cut back winter damaged herbs and found myself planning next season's plantings, which feature more and more herbs.
An email from a fellow herb lover, dropping a hint that I have some herbal writing to do.

All of these small clues led me back full circle to where my heart has been for many years- herbs and herbcraft for the home.

So, as snow flies outside my window (a rare occurrence here in my part of Texas), I'm gathering notes scratched into journals to review for future writings, stacking the seed catalogs by my bedside for winter wishlist making, and simmering beef and barley soup laden with bay, garlic, parsley and thyme on the stove.
Small steps on a well-trod path.
Tomorrow I'll brew another batch of elderberry syrup, more tea, and see what else my hands find to do.
Heart-shaped dream pillows for Valentine's day gifts are one possibility.
Perhaps I'll mix up some LOVE tea as well.

What herbs are you using these days?
Making anything lovely with herbs? 
What topics would you like to see covered here at Still Room Herbs?

Herbal Blessings,

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