Essential Holiday Scents

Essential oils are one of my favorite ways to use herbs in my home.
In the photo above, the small wooden cabinet on the right holds a selection of essential oils.
My husband bought that for me many years ago especially to hold my ever growing collection.
I use essential oils in the bath, in cleaning, for first-aid, and to add natural fragrance to the house.
They are also used in creating gifts such as bath salts, lotion bars, solid perfumes, potpourri, and dream pillows.
There are many, many uses for essential oils, they are a daily staple here.

I buy my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs or Aura Cacia almost exclusively.
My local Natural Grocers carries Aura Cacia brand, so I shop there when I need something quickly, but when I have time to wait for the UPS man, I order from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Both brands are of excellent quality, so you won't be disappointed with either.

For simplicity's sake, I often add a few drops of one or two essential oils to either a small pan of water simmering lightly on the stove top, or to the humidifier which runs almost daily in winter to combat the dry air caused by our central heat unit.
During the holidays I like peppermint, orange, cinnamon, rosemary ... spicy 'holiday' fragrances.
On my list now are some  'Christmas tree' scented oils-

These Holiday Diffuser Blends from Mountain Rose herbs all sound nice.

Do you use essential oils in your home?
If so, what is your favorite way to put them to use?

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