Simmering Scents

'Tis the season for simmering fragrant herbs and spices on the stovetop.
In the photo above is a mixture of:
dried oranges
bay leaves
cinnamon sticks
star anise

I add powdered cinnamon and ginger and a few drops of sweet orange essential oil to the mix.

It is pretty in bowls or jars, and smells lovely when simmering in water in my favorite little enamel pan.

A simpler way to add fragrance to the home is to simmer fresh orange peels and cinnamon in water.

Do you have a favorite simmering potpourri that you make?

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  1. Good morning Catherine :)

    I have recently found Star Anise and love it, so I am looking forward to trying your simmering potpourri :) Right now I am enjoying the potpourri that almost everyone has on Pinterest (the Williams Sonoma shop) Dried Lemon Slices, Vanilla Bean and Rosemary :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


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