Even on a wintry Wednesday, I see signs of spring sprouting in my world.  Cilantro and dill self-seeded in my garden and are just the perfect size for snipping and adding to soups,salads, and salsa.

Bronze fennel is beginning to put forth ferny branches.
Lemongrass which was cut back hard at the beginning of winter is showing some greening here and there.

Earlier this week it was warm outdoors, so I cut back the sage which had grown leggy and wild, trimmed the roses, and tried to free the Mediterranean garden from the grass that invaded over the winter.  Still lots more pulling and digging to do there, but I did uncover a hidden lemon thyme, a surprisingly healthy and fragrant marjoram, and a dianthus already in bloom as I yanked out pesky grass and weeds.  Sweet discoveries like that make weeding worthwhile!

Today it is back to winter weather, so I'm planning to enjoy a cup of tea and doing some plotting and planning for my new garden area complete with a small greenhouse and potting area.

What is happening in your world today?

Herbal Blessings,

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  1. Just gloomy grey, big snowflakes and 20ish degree temps here - it really helped to read your post! I know spring's coming, but thank you for the green reminder. :)


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