Fall Fun with Herbs

I organized the still room pantry this week.  In the process I discovered jars of herbs and spices that I had forgotten about- star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peel.  It is time for some fall herb crafting around here!  Last fall I used those ingredients to make a pretty potpourri.  This season I think I'll make pomanders with oranges and lemons.

 I've got some other herb crafts in mind too, which I'll share with you in the coming days.  It is time for steaming cups of spiced tea, gingerbread, apple pie, and all the other warm and wonderful treats that remind me of fall.
What is your favorite herb for fall?  Today I'd have to say cinnamon, probably because I can smell the acorn squash that I am baking with butter, brown sugar and lots of cinnamon!  
Have a blessed fall day!  I'll be back soon to share some of my favorite fall herb creations.

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  1. I love throwing as many spices as I can in one boiling pot of water and then letting it simmer all day. Makes my mood happy ! But of them all GINGER tea with honey is most comforting


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