Soon ...

our resident toad that loves to soak in the dog's water bowl

I'll be back soon ... fall is coming (so ready for this) and I'll have more time (and energy!) for posting here.
While I'm here ...
My herb garden has suffered this summer- heat, neglect, and a very naughty puppy have made things quite the challenge.  But, a new season is at hand and I'm ready to 'begin again'!
How about you?
How did your garden fare this summer?
Planting anything new this fall?  I've got plans to move my raised beds from the back yard to the front (out of digging dog's reach!) and I'm dreaming up a foundation planting scheme- rosemary, lavender, thyme, and ________ (what else?) .

Hope your summer has been filled with abundant harvests and herbal blessings!


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