Summer Garden~ Pineapple Sage

One of my summer garden favorites- Salvia elegans, Pineapple Sage

A tender perennial in my area, it seldom survives the heat of August; but just maybe this year it will persevere.  Thus far it is lush and lovely, though no longer blooming.  The red blossoms are loved by hummingbirds as well as humans, and make a sweet addition to a summer fruit salad.  I like to add a few leaves and flowers to a pitcher of herbal sun tea.  Pineapple Sage also makes a sweet smelling addition to a floral arrangement (in my case, a few flowers and herbs tucked into a Mason jar).
For other delicious uses for Pineapple Sage, check out this post at The Essential Herbal Blog (my favorite herb magazine)!

What herbs are thriving in your summer garden?  

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  1. Pineapple sage has always been one of my favorite herbs. It makes such splendid iced tea!


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