Still Room Herb Walk

Like to take a virtual herb walk with me?

I wandered about this morning and snapped photos of many of my herbs to share with you.  
As you can see some are established in beds and borders, some are happily thriving in containers, and some are just getting started as tiny sprouting seeds or small seedlings.  I've had lots of fun plotting and planting this spring, and look forward to harvesting and preserving lots of herbs in the still room in the coming days.  I'm not sure if fuschia is technically an herb, but it is so beautiful I had to include it in our walk!  Another favorite this season is patchouli.  It smells wonderful and I have high hopes for it.  I can't forget Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil.  I fell in love with Tulsi Rose tea earlier this year, and planted lots of Tulsi seeds in anticipation of enjoying my home-grown Tulsi tea this fall and winter!  

What's new in your herb garden or still room this season?
What herbal products or preparations are you planning to create with your herbal harvest?
I'll share more of my plans in the coming days.
Until then ...

Blessings & Bliss,


  1. Looks good. Makes me very excited to move and start a big herb garden. I am enjoying what is growing now but I am hoping to say goodbye to my little herb garden soon.

  2. I'm slowly learning, Catherine can you explain how to tell the difference between camomile and regular daisies. I can not tell which is which...I'm sure others would like this too....Love your knowledge!!

  3. I didn't plant herbs this year. Wish I had! Maybe I can still get a few in the ground. Any suggestions for summer herbs?


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