Springtime Thoughts

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. ~ Ruth Stout

Spring is in the air here at The Still Room.  
Lavender, sage, and rue are in bloom much to the butterflies and bees delight, as well as mine!  
I planted basil, dill, parsley, Greek oregano, sweet marjoram, thyme, and rosemary in the raised beds and scattered an assortment of herb seeds throughout the front gate garden.  
I am beyond blissful at the prospect of harvesting armloads of herbs and flowers from this new garden spot. 
I'll post photos when I can (a new camera is on my wish list).
 Still much more to do, but the work is pleasant and the rewards are great. 
I've got tiny Sweet Annie, Tulsi basil, and others popping up in starter trays ...
What's sprouting in your garden these days?  

Herbal Blessings,

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