Lavender and Lemon Love

Lavender and lemon are a fabulous pair.
There is something amazing that happens when you mix these two together.
Either in aromatherapy, 'cookie therapy' (hey, cookies always make me feel better!), or in a simple herbal tea- lavender and lemon are a winning combination.

lavender lemonade

Since Spring is in the air in my world, and things have been just a little over the top in the busyness factor- today's post is short and sweet.  But, I do want to share a link to a recipe that is on my Kitchen Adventure list and sure to be my go to recipe next time some Lemon Lavender 'Cookie Therapy' is needed.  These Gluten Free Lemon Lavender Cookies sound perfect for an afternoon tea time treat.

I didn't forget about the Lavender Love Link Up  I promised in my last post ... way back in the early part of February (time flies these days!).  Life just overwhelmed me with more needful things for a while.
But, let's plan this little online lavender festival of posts for next week shall we?  You write a post sharing your favorite lavender recipe, craft, growing tips ... whatever as long as lavender is the topic, and I'll put up a Lavender Love post with a linky at the bottom so we can easily find each other's posts.  Please tell your herb loving blog friends about the Lavender Love Link-up, too.  I always enjoy reading other people's posts about herbs.  Herbie people are as varied and interesting as the plants we all grow and love!

Mark your calendar and be sure to join the Lavender Love Link Up on March 8th.
And to sweeten things up even more, I will be sending a little lavender scented treat to one of our participants.  More details on that next week! 

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