Thinking Spring

Spring weather is popping in and out at my house these days.  These warm, breezy days bring out the gardening bug in me quickly.  I am ready to plant a new herb garden; but first a garden spot has to be established and the soil prepared.  I prefer no-till or lasagna gardening, but since we are going from established yard to garden, tilling is the quickest and least expensive way to get started (at least that's my husband's perspective, I'm still not convinced ... we'll see who wins this one!).   Once we have the soil prepared and garden beds installed, I let things be and only cultivate with hand tools, letting nature's gardener's (worms and other soil dwellers) do the tilling and soil turning for me!  It is much healthier for the garden and the environment.

I have a few winter sown herbs popping up in raised beds and containers- dill, cilantro, and comfrey are all showing signs of life.  The scented geraniums are enjoying sunny days outside, as are the bay and lemon trees.

It is time to prune the sage that has gotten ugly and leggy over the winter, and cut back the lemon balm, rue, and mints in preparation for new spring growth.

I'm still perusing seed catalogs, plotting and planning what new things I want to grow this year.  Holy Basil is one new to me herb I plan to grow.  I recently tried a tea made with Tulsi or Holy Basil and it is very nice.  Now I want to grow my own Tulsi tea!  And since rose is the Herb of the Year, I plan to add roses to the garden- some will be container grown, some planted along the fence to climb and vine and do what roses do!

I'm thinking Spring, how about you?
What are you planning to grow this year?  Anything new?
How about starting a new garden?  Do you till or do raised beds, no-till, containers ... all of them?!  

Tell me what your plans are for the herb garden this year!


  1. Lovely post - we're having spring-like weather here too, which has me itching to garden! I've always had a big garden, but this year we're renting, so will not be able to. My plan is raised beds and containers - lots & lots of containers! I'm still pouring over seed catalogs but have a variety of herbs started this past week - some already sprouting(!) - and am contemplating roses to order (last year I had 50 rose bushes, this year will probably be more like 4 or 5)...

    1. Thanks Kristine! :)
      We have rented for years and containers are a great way to garden ... even for roses. 50 rose bushes ... now that would be heavenly!

  2. Do you have a climbing rose variety that is good for medicinal purposes? Would be nice to have good hose hips for this winter (what else can you do with roses). I'm really really new to herbs and just recently stumbled across the term sitllroom. I'm completely fascinated by it. I purchased some calendula, chamomile, echinacea, yarrow, and plantain seeds to start my first ever herb garden. I already have comfrey and mint that my grandfather gave me last year. I thought they were pretty and didn't event think about usable! The area I'm thinking has a pretty much dead climbing rose plant (about 7 years old) over an arched gate. Maybe I'll tear it out and replace it with a new climbing rose plant...

  3. I'm SO excited I found your blog. I just recently discovered the term still room. It has intrigued me a lot, but I find it's a hard subject to research... at least starting out.

    I have decided to dedicate a small section of my yard and start my first ever herb garden! I purchased Yarrow, Calendula, Comfrey, Mint, Echinacea, Plantain, and Chamomile seeds. I can't wait to get started!

    I don't have a room to dedicate, but will make things in my kitchen and then make a section in my basement "root cellar" to store things. I'll start simple and try to find 10 things to make with each herb I'm growing. After that I'll add on. ;)

    Since you seem to know roses could you recommend a good climbing variety (partial shaded area)? Are all roses medicinal or just some? Should I buy medicinal plants from a specific place or is any nursery just fine? I bought my seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs since I trust them, but they don't sell plants.


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