Sweet Orange Lavender Mist

I made this simple fragrance mist to add a bit of aromatherapy to my day and also to refresh my skin which is feeling the effects of the dry air due from our heating system.  

Sweet Orange essential oil is said to be "brightening".   I know that I enjoy the scent and find it useful for other householding tasks such as removing sticky junk left behind by labels. 

Lavender is soothing to skin and soul, and I use it daily for one thing or another- easing a headache, relieving stress, scenting the laundry, soothing an insect bite or other skin irritation.  A first-aid kit in a bottle- that's a good description of Lavender essential oil.  

Sweet Orange Lavender Mist

36 drops Lavender Essential Oil
30 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
4 oz. distilled water

Add the essential oils to a  4 oz. glass spray bottle, add distilled water, and mist away.  This is just an approximation- it's tricky to count those little drops of oil as they come out of that bottle!  

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.  I'm dreaming up plans for the coming year here at Still Room Herbs ... lots of ideas floating around in my head right now!  


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