Hot Weather Herbs

Beautiful Blue Borage

Sadly, the borage that was blooming so beautifully in the photo is not a hot weather lover.  My container grown borage died from heat exhaustion a few weeks ago. Even with frequent watering and pampering- it. just. died.  Oh well, to be expected I suppose.  I'll replant later when the weather is more suitable for it.  For now, I'll just enjoy the photo and dream of pretty borage flower ice cubes to cool off a glass of herb tea (and make a mental note not to forget to make some this fall).

There are herbs that seem to thrive, or at least survive, even the brutal heat of a Texas summer. 
Below are 6 herbs that are doing well in my back yard, despite the drought and triple digit temperatures for days on end this summer-

Basil- Basil seems to love the heat.  The biggest challenge is keeping it from blooming and going to seed, daily pruning helps and provides me with tasty leaves for pesto, pasta sauce, or pest control (rub a basil leaf on your skin to repel insects).

Bay- My bay stick (the poor thing may never reach tree status) has grown more this summer than it has in the 3 years I've had it ... strange but true. 

Marjoram- The marjoram is doing well, soaking up the sun, flavoring grilled veggies and chicken.

Rosemary- Holding its own and being snipped almost daily for pasta sauce and such.

Lavender- It actually bloomed this year and seems to enjoy the dry heat (humidity and heat it doesn't like).

Thyme- Growing in a semi-shady spot, it seems quite content.

If you are looking for herbs that can take the heat, these may be just what you are looking for.

Please note: All of the herbs mentioned above are container grown and are receiving daily, sometimes twice daily, watering.  They can take heat, but nothing can survive without water, and lots of it these days!  Around here, the grass is dead, the trees and bushes get just enough water just to keep them alive until it rains, but the herb containers get a drink every morning!  It takes much less water to keep a few potted herbs (and the herbalist) happy than it does to keep a lawn green (and then I'd just have to mow it, and that wouldn't make me happy either). 

Which herbs thrive during the summer where you live?


  1. Catherine, this year even my basil (grown in the ground with all my other herbs) are not dealing with the heat and lack of rain well. I have had to water much more often than I ever have had too. You are right though. In a normal summer, I do not have to water the herbs much at all.

    You lavender lemonade looks and sounds so refreshing. Will have to give that one a try.

  2. Tarragon. Can't ever seem to kill the stuff. I've tried


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