The Herbal Pantry

The photo above shows what is serving as my still room and herbal pantry at present.   Though I dream of a 'real' still room some day, I am a firm believer in making the best of what you have at the moment, rather than waiting for the someday that may never come.  These items, tucked into a corner of the kitchen, serve my purposes well for now-
a rather funky scavenged shelf that needs a back on it

a great old hutch that we got for a very good price at a benefit sale

the little spice rack turned essential oil cabinet that my husband gave me many Christmases ago (Yes, we do celebrate Christmas ... just for those who might be told otherwise ... oh, and if you don't have a clue why I put that little tidbit in there, just ignore it ;) ... you know we herb people often get the strangest labels attached to us).
the very used, much loved oak dining table that my aunt gave me years ago (You can just see the corner of it in the photo, right next to the salvaged windows that I have great, artsy-crafty plans for.). 

The open shelves house jars of dried herbs.  I tried tucking them inside the hutch but it was a pain to get them out, so back on the shelves they went.  The shelf is in a very low-light area, so I don't worry about the light harming the herbs; though I am considering making a curtain for the front of the shelf.  On the top of the shelf you will see a basket with an assortment of tea bags, ingredients for bath and body products, and so forth.  There are also pickled peppers and okra on the shelf for now (we have no real food pantry, either in this house). 

The hutch is home to tea pots, a variety of teas (the tea chest and cabinet were also Christmas gifts from my husband), assorted herbal oil infusions and tinctures are tucked away inside the doors, along with empty jars and other storage containers, seeds, and various herb related items.  Of course, there is often a child-created art project that needs some attention from Mom left on the hutch for me, as in the case of the perler bead creations needing to be ironed. 

The essential oil cabinet is without a doubt the most used item in my herbal pantry.  It is opened daily for various things, such as scenting the bathwater (nothing like a rose geranium and lavender bath), making an herbal steam to clear up stuffy noses or a headache, freshening the air or adding a bit of extra cleaning power to the laundry or mop bucket, soothing an insect bite, or making something lovely like a perfumed lotion or oil.  Essential oils are most definitely an essential in my herbal pantry. 
Here are 8 that I wouldn't be without:
Rose Geranium
Tea Tree
I'll delve into what I use these for in a later post. 
If you use essential oils, please share with us which are the most essential to you. 
And I'd love to peek into your herbal pantry or still room if you have one, please share a photo or post about your own space for herbal creativity with us, too! 



  1. Awesome Catherine! Love the hutch and shelves and the whole arrangement.......Teresa

  2. What a wonder place to store your herbs and oils. It sure helps to be able to have everything so well organized and at your disposal when needed. Thanks for sharing Catherine.

  3. I have just started this past year in wanting to learn this, I hope it's one of those never to old to learn things,lol I remember my grandpa going outside with a burn or cut and coming back in with some kind of patch made from what looked like weeds to me, wish I had took the time to learn from him,butI'm glad to be learning from you. have a wonderful day.

  4. What a great herb pantry! Love hearing someone else talk about using what you have.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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