Summer Days

Happy July! 
Sorry things have been so quiet in the stillroom lately, but summer beckons me outdoors to enjoy the beauty of the garden and nature.  Herbs are growing by leaps and bounds, flowers are in bloom, and the bees, birds, and other small creatures are keeping me entertained with their daily visits to the garden and bird bath.  I have enjoyed spending lots of time just "being".  No agenda, no plan, no work ... just sitting quietly and enjoying whatever the day might bring.  It has been a blessing. 

But, July is now upon us and the heat will soon keep me indoors except for the early morning hours before the sun becomes unbearable.  Texas heat can be brutal, and I am an admitted wimp when it comes to scorching sun!  I've been dreaming up some herbal creations over the last few days, and starting next week I plan to share some of those with you.  Cool weather treats is at the forefront of my mind these days! 

Have a great weekend, stay cool, enjoy the blessings of summer!

p.s. Did you know sunflower petals make a pretty yellow to gold colored dye?  Another of my plans for the summer- creating plant dyes.  :)

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