Herbal Tip of the Day

If your mint is growing by leaps and bounds (or even just a little bit), snip a few stems and put them in a little jar of water on a sunny windowsill. 
Check them daily and give them fresh water every couple of days and in no time you will have rooted cuttings to pot up or plant elsewhere. 
Pot them and let them continue to live on the windowsill, or slowly acclimate them to outdoor life by putting them out in a shady spot for a few hours at a time over a week or so. 
In my area mint needs a shady spot to thrive, so I just place it wherever its going to live for the warm weather and let it be. 

Ginger mint that started as a small division from a friend. 

What is your favorite mint?  I like them all, but the Ginger mint is a new to me favorite.  If I could grow "just one" (as sad as that would be) I would choose spearmint, though.

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