Arnica for Aches and Pains

Arnica is a great pain-reliever for when you have an aching back from working too long bent over in the herb garden!

To banish an aching back or soothe a bruise, I make a very simple arnica oil by infusing dried arnica flowers in olive or grapeseed oil.
I use the simplest method I know:
place a cup of dried arnica flowers in a pint jar
cover with olive oil
stir well
add more oil to cover the herb by at least an inch (the flowers will soak up some of the oil so keep adding as needed)
set the jar in a sunny window
shake daily for 2 weeks
strain and use!

Notes:  Arnica should not be used on broken skin or wounds nor taken internally.  External use on unbroken skin only! 
Also, I like to add a few drops of lavender and/or rosemary essential oil to make the oil smell nicer and for the added relaxing benefits these oils provide. 

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