Creating Herb Infused Oils

Herb Infused Oils

Creating your own herb infused oils is easy to do and only takes a few items.

You will need herbs, a good quality oil like olive or almond, and a jar or other covered container (preferably glass).

There are many herbs that can be used to create herbal oils for skincare, healing wounds, soothing bumps and bruises, and so forth. 
Calendula makes an excellent oil for the skin, and is what is pictured above. 
I also make Comfrey oil and Arnica oil for easing bumps, bruises, and muscle aches and pains. 

If you are just getting started making herbal oils, dried herbs are less tricky to work with and what I use most often.

I make my herbal oils using  what is known as the simpler’s method, which is really quite simple!

Place the desired amount of herb into a jar. (Use a jar that will be filled almost to the top when the oil is added, too much air space can sometimes cause a problem with spoilage.) 

My jar of preference is a wide-mouth pint canning jar with a plastic lid. 

Cover the herbs completely with oil adding enough to cover by about an inch or so.

Cover your jar with a lid.

Place it in a sunny spot to infuse for 2 weeks.  I like to sit mine on the kitchen windowsill so I can enjoy watching the process.

Shake your jar several times a day to stir things up a bit and help the herbs infuse.

After 2 weeks, strain the oil through a piece of cheesecloth or muslin fabric into a clean container.

If you want an extra strong infusion, add more herbs and let it sit for another 2 weeks and then strain again.

Now you have a beautiful herbal oil to use!

If you’d like a nice fragrance, you can add a few drops of an essential oil to the jar. 
I like to use lavender essential oil when making skin care products. 
It smells wonderful and is good for the skin, as well.

I hope this will encourage you to create herbal oils for your own use.


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