Plots and Plans

It is cold and wintry here in Texas today, and that is the perfect time to spend a quiet afternoon dreaming of the spring garden and choosing new varieties of herbs to grow.  I'm not sure I'll try the herb of the year- horseradish, as I've heard it can be a bit "overbearing" in the garden.  Since my garden plots aren't my own, but rented spaces in the city community garden, I don't want to plant something that someone else may have to deal with later.  Sometimes volunteer plants are a blessing, such as the asparagus in my neighbor's garden plot, the flowers that seem to spring up here, there, and everywhere, and even the dill, cilantro, and tomatoes that nature planted randomly throughout my garden plot; but I'm not sure horseradish falls into this category, so for now that is on the "to grow someday" list. 

What I am planning to grow thus far, the list grows and grows and then has to be edited numerous times before planting time:

cilantro (for salsa and such)
dill (lots of dill, for pickles, vinegars, salads, potatoes, just because I love it)
basil (lemon, sweet basil, cinnamon basil, purple ... you get the picture)
lemon verbena (I love, love, love lemony herbs and this is my all time favorite!)
lemon balm (runs a close second to lemon verbena)
lemon grass (it has overgrown its pot and must be divided and conquered)
thyme (lemon, french, and a new to me one that is fabulously scented- orange thyme)
rosemary (prostrate and upright and I'll have to find a couple of new varieties, too)
lavender (my favorite herb, and one that I wish grew better for me)
chives (regular and garlic, for snipping into the soup bowl and flowers for making things pretty)
mint (spearmint, applemint, peppermint ... all kinds of mint!)
lovage (new to me, but I can't wait to try using it for straws in summer-time drinks!)
bay (My tiny tree is going to have a growth spurt this spring, I just know it!)
scented geranium (lemon and rose are my favorites)

OK, that's an even dozen, I think I'll stop there for now ... I'll update my ever changing list as my plots and plans come into better focus! 

I'd love to hear about your herb garden plans, what do you grow, why, etc., etc.!

I don't have to plant these herbal beauties, but I do love them! 


  1. Spring fever has hit several people early this year! The cabbage I've started indoors is doing quite well. The chives are not but, this is my first go with them, and I don't know what to expect. Good luck with all of your herb planning and planting! I'm going to follow you to see how your herbs are coming along.

    Smiles, Loretta

  2. These plants all have wonderful aromas! Just thinking of them takes me to summer.


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