A New Year, A New Herb

a new beginning here, and a few random thoughts.

I took a bit of a break during the busy months of November and December, and did even consider closing this blog and posting solely at LOVE Living Simply, but I decided against that.  I will be focusing more on my herbal pursuits this year and want a place just for writing about them, so here's to a new year and a new beginning for Still Room Herbs!

Did you know that the International Herb Association's Herb of the Year for 2011 is Horseradish?  I must admit that I know little about this herb, so it will be a learning adventure for me, discovering all there is to know about horseradish!  I do know it makes a tasty sandwich spread, but that's about it! 

Do you grow horseradish or have a herbal remedy or recipe to share? 
Please join in the conversation and leave a comment, I love learning from other herb lovers!

I'll be researching horseradish over the next few weeks, and will add a post or two on what I discover.

Be watching for an herbal giveaway soon and some other fun things as well!


  1. Catherine, Horseradish is on my "would like to grow next year" list, but I too know very little about. I am so excited to read your post. I look forward to learning along with you. Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Lorie!
    Please let me know if you do grow horseradish, I may have to try it myself ... :) .

  3. I grow horseradish and process it most years. I have a tutorial at http://glory-farm.blogspot.com/2010/09/horseradish-sauce.html

    My dad loves horseradis, so do I . I even eat it on my hotdogs.

    Once you get it started, it spreads, and is hard to eradicate.


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