Herb Quote for the Day

How could such sweet and wholesome hours
Be reckoned but with herbs and flowers?
-  Andrew Marvel

The perfect quote for this season of dreaming of all the glorious herbs and flowers I want to order ... seed and herb catalogs can be dangerous things!  I'm checking the still room herb shelves and making a list of what I need for the coming year, and then perusing the Mountain Rose Herbs catalog ... so many wonderful herbs to choose from. 

What are your "must have" herbs? 


  1. Catherine, I am going to have to come to you for lessons on drying herbs and storing them. I would love to grow and dry my own. They look very nice!

  2. Loretta,
    Drying herbs is very simple, and storing as easy as filling up a glass canning jar :) . Those in the photo were purchased in that nice packaging from Mountain Rose Herbs, but they are now at home in their own glass jars! I will do a post on drying herbs in the future.


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